Here is a copy of a message submitted to the Royal Household:


Your Majesty,

Warmest wishes from the Coldest and most Extreme Place on the Planet.

The current temperature is -71.6 degrees Celsius and we are living at 3800 metres equivalent altitude currently enduring in 3 months of complete darkness.

I am the only British member of this expedition living completely isolated for a period of 9 months, in Scott’s legacy, through the world’s worse Winter, at Concordia Station in the interior of Antarctica.

I am responsible as the crew doctor and for conducting a research programme that may well help to contribute towards understanding what is necessary to put humans on the surface of Mars.

Inspired by your own legacy, we will simply, ‘keep calm and carry on’ as shown in the photo.

I feel proud to be representing the United Kingdom (& India) and we all wish you the very best on this special day,

Warmest regards from the coldest place on Earth,
Dr Alexander Kumar FRGS & DC8 Concordia Station Crew (2012)

Concordia Station Doctor, Institut Polaire Français (IPEV)
European Space Agency sponsored Research MD

ITACE 2014 Expedition Doctor & Chief Scientist

Concordia station, Dome C, Antarctica
75°06’06”S – 123°23’43”E
Local time GMT+7hours


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