Fantastic news folks…

I have been selected as the expedition doctor and scientist for ITACE 2014 – Imperial TransAntarctic Centenary Expedition departing in 2014.  The team, led by Jo Davies, will be completing the original plans made by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1914, to cross Antarctica on foot, exactly 100 years on and I am delighted to know we have Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Granddaughter, The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton herself, who has provided her seal of approval, acting as the official Expedition Patron.

I couldn’t be happier and to celebrate our chef is making a Mexican Banquet this weekend – Mexico bears no relevance at all – its just we have damn good chef here in Antarctica.

Hurrah!  And Hurrah again!

It seems I will be coming back to Antarctica and I haven’t even left yet.

On the expedition, I will be proud to carry both the British and Indian flags across Antarctica.

By Endurance, we will Conquer.

For further information about the expedition, please visit the expedition website: