Last night I walked outside at 1:30am after my research had finished.

I was used to childhood walks on Sunday back home in Derbyshire to refresh your mind for the new week ahead – and although walking in the Northern British rain is not so enjoyable I miss it now.

In the photo attached below the moon shines as bright as the sun.  The dark in Antarctica is incredibly enlightening!

Who said the ‘dark’ is just ‘dark’… Needless to say looking up into the Milky Way Galaxy (as shown) with your naked eye, you are made to feel rather small and insignificant indeed, but on the other hand your mouth is left wide open

I took a moment to look up and above me was the most magnificent view of the night sky I have ever seen.  They say up here at 3233 metres high up on the Antarctic plateau – we have the clearest view of the night sky available on the planet, less than 10% than the view obtainable with the Hubble Telescope.  See for yourself… although I admit, my photography needs some improvement, its hard not to appreciate the wonders of the universe.

Song of the day: 

It had to be something dark and atmospheric that lived up to this wonderful and most magnificent view of the night sky… tonight I am going outside again and will listen to it through my headphones and take a while to sit and appreciate the view.  


Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven