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Alex is a trained British medical doctor specializing in acute care and expedition medicine with worldwide experience working on all 7 continents in rural and remote health care in Polar, Jungle, Desert and Mountain environments. Alex is on the medical faculty for expeditionmedicine.co.uk

He has worked on different medical research projects ranging from Snake bite to Human Spaceflight in places ranging from the Amazon to Antarctica, for a variety of organizations and individuals including European Space Agency and Sir Ranulph Fiennes, seeking funding, sponsorship and international scientific collaboration.

Alex offers the Expedicine Help! service tailored to your expedition, including:

  • Expedition advice re planning and logistics
  • Provide expedition direct medical support (onsite and distant), equipment, prescriptions and training
  • Setting up science on expeditions
  • Seeking funding and sponsorship
  • Media/ Press

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The Dark Ice Project is an expedition that has demands placed on its team which set it apart from many in the past – a combination of isolation, extreme duration and a great deal of darkness. Medical situations can arise through trauma and accident but also to a great extent, through chronic illness caused by long-term stresses. I asked Dr Alex Kumar to assist my team in our preparations because quite simply, I needed the best. Not just the best in terms of thorough medical knowledge and well-considered and perfectly-pitched advice, but due to a near-unique catalogue of first hand experiences which bridge the gap between theory and real-world practicality.

Alex is a valued friend of the Dark Ice Project and our bespoke day of refresher training could very well make the difference between health and illness – success and failure. Thank you.

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