Alex Kumar - Public Speaking

Alex has delivered keynote, educational, inspirational, scientific and medical presentations based on his unique first hand personal experience including a TEDx talk, to many different audiences at venues including:

  • TEDx and PINC (People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity) conference
  • Museums including Natural History Museum (UK) and Canterbury Museum (New Zealand)
  • Professional societies including Royal Geographical Society (UK) and Hong Kong Royal Geographical Society (Hong Kong, China), Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
  • Space Agencies and societies including ESA (European Space Agency), JAXA (Japanese Space Agency) and the Mars Society
  • International Medical Conferences including International Congress on Circumpolar Health and World Extreme Medicine Congress (UK)
  • Universities including London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Leeds, Imperial College London, University College London and King’s College London.
  • Professional and higher education courses including Diploma in Mountain Medicine (UK)
  • Student societies including Oxford University & Oxford University’s Exploration Society (UK) and Student Wilderness Medicine Societies (UK)
  • Businesses and Organisations such as ‘Tipping Point’ / Small Talk (Lithuania), Patagonia Store (UK)
  • Schools including Reading School and Abingdon School (UK)


Please contact Alex to arrange an event.

Malaria to Mars: Dr. Alexander Kumar at TEDxOxbridge

Alex talks about his experience living in Antarctica and why he is undertaking this mission. He will ultimately answer the question -- why should the human race invest its precious and finite resources into space exploration? A doctor and British-Indian in origin, Alex Kumar (@DrAlexKumar) graduated with a Medical Degree from Guy's, King's & St.

Please view Alex’s event feedback below:

I am writing to thank you for your presentation at our Med Talks event on Friday 15 November at Abingdon School. Your talk about your experiences as a researcher and medic in Antarctica was very entertaining and informative. It was great to see how medicine and medical research happens beyond the confines of hospitals and conventional laboratories.

I am certain that your talk inspired our boys to think more about following a career in medicine or medical research and also to be adventurous in their outlook as well. Feedback that I have received from audience members highlights your talk as interesting and thought provoking. The images in your slides were very impressive.

I hope that we can organise a return visit from you at any future event and look forward to hearing about what your next projects will be.


The lecture was a great success and really captured people’s imaginations. One of our students has already written an article!



One night in the Earth Science department at Oxford, we were transported to the harsh winters of Antarctica, to a well equipped research station at 3,233 m. The people who live here all year round are incredible people! The hard mental challenge involved was described to us in insightful and interesting stories by Alex, who not only wintered in Antarctica, but studied the psychology of researchers at the base. We all think we can imagine the mental challenges involved, however hearing it from the point of view of a doctor was fascinating.

I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we were all inspired by the remoteness of the station, when compared to the moon and conversations with astronauts! ``you can get back from the International Space Station in a day, but wintering in Antarctica? you're there to stay.``