Please find attached a BBC News Article I wrote on Dr Edward Wilson.  I would like to thank the following people for their time and input:

  • Bryan Lintott based at the SPRI (Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, UK) for providing advice and the 3 black and white images of Wilson in Antarctica, for this article.
  • Doctor Isobel Williams, biographer of Edward Wilson, who made herself available at such short notice.  I spent a long time hearing about Wilson’s life last weekend, by very long distance telephone
  • And of course, BBC News for commissioning me to write it.
  • Doctor Dale Mole, my good friend and ‘fellow polar explorer’ who is currently the lone doctor overwintering at the US Amundsen Scott South Pole Antarctic Station.

Photo taken by my friend, Dale Mole, the doctor at the South Pole. This Photo is taken of the picture that hangs in 'Club Med', the hospital at the US Scott Amundsen South Pole Station. It was famously described in Jerri Nielson's book 'icebound', and overlooks each patient and doctor who rotates through the hospital.


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