Deeply honoured to have been chosen by The Lancet medical journal as a 2017 global HIGHLIGHTS photo competition winner for my another of my images, ’The Silent Killer’ taken in Mongolia.

The image was published in print in the end of year edition of The Lancet.

The Silent Killer - Alexander Kumar

The Silent Killer – Alexander Kumar, King’s College London, London, UK

A nurse makes a home visit to a bedbound patient in the Ger district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. The man has had a stroke due to hypertension. In Mongolia, about 25% of the adult population have hypertension, and Ulaanbaatar is home to about half of the nation’s population. Across the country, the control rate for hypertension is below 8%. Rapid urbanisation has changed how populations experience diseases in cities around the world. Alongside having a poor air quality index, Mongolians live increasingly unhealthy lifestyles characterised by high-meat and high-salt diet, reduced physical activity, stress, and excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption: all risk factors for non-communicable diseases.