Having flown half way across Antarctica, and after much waiting for our time with the hairdresser, one of the Italians in our party, showing signs of stress and the initial signs of madness, simply couldn’t take it any more and out of sheer desperation simply cut his own hair.

So, like me, you may be thinking what now am I doing in McMurdo – the USAP’s (US Antarctic Programme’s) base on the Antarctic coast.

Simple, I was informed that in fact the hairdresser could not handle my unruly hair. The hairdresser in Mario Zucchelli Station was awfully busy. So I have been referred to the Americans, McMurdo base in fact – who may be able to get the job done.

We flew a further 2 hours or so over the Antarctic coastline and then over part of the Ross Ice Shelf – spectacular – and littered in history.

Enjoy the photos!