I have heard that two very important people have been reading my blog and so I wanted to write something specifically for them.

I know these two VIPs like animals a lot so I have posted some photos of penguins for them. In some of the pictures the penguins are hard to spot! You have to look hard. Sometimes they are doing silly things- like falling over, or trying to fly (penguins can’t fly!). Look out for the photo where there is Neil-the-Seal sleeping, and the penguin is tip-toeing past!

They even slide around on their stomachs over the ice. They go really quickly. But more so, they smell very bad. And the penguins are more noisy than Uncle Alex as well.

Sometimes these two very important people are naughty, like when they cut Grandad’s hair whilst he was sleeping. But Uncle Alex laughed a lot at this.

This blog is for Abigail and Yasmin (or Yasmin and Abigail) – my two favourite nieces.

I think father christmas bought them two very large toy tigers – one white one and one orange one – and I hope they are enjoying playing with them. I wonder if they have names for them?

There is also a photo of a bicycle being ridden here – we can ride over the ice! I heard that father christmas also bought you a bicycle each – are you riding them?

I bet you’ve never been on a helicopter? Uncle Alex has to travel by them regularly. But you know what… Uncle Alex is so very tall, he gets a haircut every-time he gets on one (like Grandad having his haircut). Silly!