After over 3 months without the sun, I have grown used to feeling my way around in the dark, stubbing my toe and living life under the faint artificial glow of a head torch.

But we expect its return around 10-11th August.

Sunlight has become a distant memory for me.  It will be very strange to see it and more so, feel it again.   I have only seen it in our movie theatre in films and in my dreams.

Life had become black and white, but now colours started to show again – dazzling my senses.

The sun remains below the horizon but is bursting and bubbling up – soon it will overflow onto and above the horizon- our first sunrise since May – only lasting a few minutes, but getting consistently longer day by day until reaching 24 hours of daylight in December.

Sometimes photos speak louder than words, so I will end here and in doing so leave you with a photo of me sitting outside, waiting for the return of the Sun.


Song of the Day:

Here comes the Sun by the Beatles