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Overwintering on the Antarctic Plateau

Can you find Concordia on the map?

In Roman mythology, Concordia was the goddess of harmony. Harmony as between your mind and your heart. It’s a virtuous state, one that’s been adopted as a name for places all around the world.

There’s a town in South Africa, a bridge and university in Montreal, a Polish soccer team, even an asteroid.

All are named Concordia. But the Concordia we’re looking for is nowhere near any of these. It’s not quite as remote as an asteroid, but it might sometimes feel like it.

It’s located on a formation called Dome C, at 75°06′S 123°20′E.

Teams of French and Italian researchers are usually there in the chilly desert air. And we DO mean chilly. With the wind chill, it can get down around 100°F below.

So what exactly is this southernmost Concordia?


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