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PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and headlamps

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Petzl Myo XP headtorch

Powerful headlamp, 4 lighting levels, Boost mode and Wide Angle lens

The MYO XP headlamp was developed for high-level performance. To do this, it uses a high-output LED, a Wide Angle lens, three constant lighting levels and a flashing mode. This headlamp provides powerful lighting that can be adapted to the situation and the activity. The Wide Angle lens option is useful for instantly switching between long-range and proximity lighting. If necessary, it is possible to occasionally increase the light output to 150 lumens with the Boost mode (to locate a person, a car, etc.). To efficiently manage battery life, this headlamp comes with a battery charge indicator light.

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e+LITE emergency lamp

It offers the choice of a white or red light for lighting or signaling your position. Very practical and easy to use, it is equipped with an emergency whistle and can be stored for ten years with its batteries.

SiGNAL lighting
It provides powerful multidirectional red lighting for 180°, guaranteeing maximum visibility for up to 1000 meters. This light attaches easily to just about anything.

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